Causes And Ways To Overcome Dizziness And Nausea When Going To Eat?

I want to ask my child, his head is dizzy, and then when he eats he wants to keep vomiting. What is the cause?

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Hello Leny, Thank you for the question.

How long has this complaint occurred? Have you checked your child directly to the doctor? This complaint can be caused by a number of health conditions such as:

 cold colds strep throat food poisoning intestinal infections If a complaint has occurred for 3 days or more or is accompanied by high fever, constant vomiting, difficulty eating and drinking, or weakness, you should immediately take your child to see a doctor. Further information about the symptoms experienced by your child needs to be known further by the doctor then the doctor needs to do a physical examination and other examinations if needed such as blood tests, stool examinations, or other examinations. The results of this examination will later be used for doctors to determine the next treatment step.

In the meantime, you can do the following:

 give small meals but more often to your child. You can choose foods that are softer. Keep your child's drink intake to prevent dehydration. Avoid giving food and drinks that are not kept clean. Always wash your hands when giving food and drinks to children or prepare food. after going to the toilet let the child rest adequately Hopefully this information helps you.

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