Causes And Ways To Overcome Flabby Bowel Movements?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Overcome Flabby Bowel Movements?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Overcome Flabby Bowel Movements?

Hello. I am 15 years old. early “December my chapter was a bit soft “, but had not had time to runny (maybe because I was indeed taking antibiotics at that time) then after that I tried to consume “Strong Wakamoto”, then it was good, not soft “again, but in the middle of December, when I was on holiday abroad, my chapter was hard to get out (maybe because I didn’t drink enough water during the holidays), so I took laxatives. then after consuming the laxative, my chapter was runny “but only for one day, then so on until now my chapter is soft” again. I chapter every day. I want to ask, what’s the solution?

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First of all, I want to confirm in advance, whether besides your stools becoming softer you experience symptoms such as pain in your stomach, increased frequency of bowel movements, very foul smelling stools, blood in the stool, nausea, vomiting, bloating, or symptoms others are annoying?

If you don't experience other disturbing symptoms, chances are your flabby stool is a normal condition. If you defecate once a day or twice a day, stool consistency can indeed be softer. As long as you only CHAPTER 1-2 times a day, you do not experience other symptoms as mentioned above, there is nothing you need to worry about. Sometimes stools can become more soft because of the food / drinks you consume daily, for example, you consume a lot of spicy food, you consume a lot of coffee, you consume a lot of artificial sugar (mannitol or sorbitol which is commonly found in chewing gum or free candy sugar). Try to pay attention to the food and drinks you consume, if indeed you often consume the food / drinks mentioned above, try to avoid their consumption for a while and look again at how consistent your bowel movements are.

If you experience other symptoms that interfere, then your soft stool can be caused by other conditions, for example:

inflammatory bowel disease
IBS or irritable bowel syndrome
celiac disease
lactose intolerance
fat malabsorption
food poisoning and gastrointestinal infections

We recommend that you do a visit to the doctor directly if you experience this.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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