Causes And Ways To Overcome High Heart Rate?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Overcome High Heart Rate?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Overcome High Heart Rate?

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From the information you have conveyed, the presence of a high heart rate is also known as tachycardia, where the heart rate ranges from more than 100x / minute in a resting state. So it is necessary to check the heart rate directly by a doctor to ensure that a patient's heart rate is more than normal or normal.

1. an increase in heart rate more than normal, can be caused by several things, such as:

a. disorders of the heart

b. suffer pain

c. anemia

d. thyroid disorders

e. stress

f. lack of sleep

g. salty food and coffee

So that age does not trigger an increase in heart rate.

2. if the patient is anemic, this can cause an increase in heart rate, which can also cause complaints of shortness of breath. So, in general, the increased heart rate that you feel is not due to the results of the blood tests you did, because your Hb is normal. However, further tests and periodic evaluations are still needed in relation to the results of this last examination, to ensure that your condition does not fall in a condition. anemia.

3. Complications of tachycardia can lead to stroke or heart disease, so it is necessary to do further examination regarding the cause of tachycardia and also the proper treatment plan by your cardiologist.

4. The medicine given by the doctor is expected to help control the excessive heartbeat you feel, so you should take it regularly. During consuming it, you also have to control other risk factors that may cause this complaint.

Improved diet, improved hydration pattern, reduced weight, will help control all the risks that cause tachycardia.

That is the information we can provide, also read the tachycardia.

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