Causes And Ways To Overcome The Body Such As Floating After Pulling Teeth?

I want to ask. I’ve been doing some tooth extractions for a few weeks in Graham. Almost every week I pull my teeth. On Monday, yesterday I pulled my teeth back in Graham Right. Sleep deprivation or min, my eyes, huh? Please help, thank you

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Hello, thank you for the question to

Feeling like floating can be caused by several possible causes:

1. Vertigo: spinning dizziness which is marked by keliyengan and begins with nausea or vomiting

2. Changes in blood pressure: changes in blood pressure from too low or too high can cause keliyengan

3. Proprioceptive disorders: proprioceptive organs or balancing organs consisting of eyes, skin and ears, if there is interference it will cause slight complaints

to find out the cause, diagnosis and further treatment of your complaint, you should immediately consult a neurologist.

prevention can be done:

1. Give a pause before changing positions, for example from going to sleep to standing, you should give a break 3-5 minutes to sit or be quiet first with a position to get up from lying down, then walk

2. Consume at least 2L mineral water per day so that blood flow runs smoothly

3. If you have a history of minus the eye, you should immediately consult an eye specialist in order to get the right treatment such as glasses

so hopefully useful :)

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