Causes And Ways To Treat Nausea, Right Migraine And Limp Body?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Treat Nausea, Right Migraine And Limp Body?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Treat Nausea, Right Migraine And Limp Body?

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Nausea, headaches, weakness, body aches, hot back, until decreased appetite may indicate that you are experiencing an infection, such as common cold, influenza, rhinosinusitis, tonsillopharyngitis, dengue fever, chikungunya, typhoid fever, hepatitis, leptospirosis meningitis and so on. This infection can be caused by viruses or bacteria, which can be transmitted through various routes. Poor immune system or contact with people with other infections can increase your risk of contracting this infection as well.

Not only infections, other conditions, such as dyspepsia, pre menstrual syndrome, perimenopause, early signs of pregnancy, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, intestinal inflammation, neurological disorders, psychological disorders, etc. can also cause complaints like you are experiencing at this time.

So, if the complaint lasts up to 3 days or more, you should not leave it alone or just take ordinary medicine. Check with yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that your condition can be handled properly. Chances are, the doctor will also recommend that you undergo a blood test in addition to giving you treatment.

At home, the initial steps that should be taken are:

Drink more water
Eat often, even if a little
Don't eat foods that trigger nausea, such as sour fruit, high-fiber vegetables, coconut milk, fried foods, sambal
much rest
Take paracetamol to help reduce headaches and other body aches
Avoid excessive physical activity first
Do not carelessly take other medicines without a doctor's prescription

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