Causes And Ways To Treat Worms In The Eye?

Good afternoon, in my eyes there are worms. I read in the article the name loa-loa worm and the name of the disease loasis. Is that true? And is there a way to treat it naturally? Is betel leaf a myth for eye drops? Thank you

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Hello Febriani,

Thank you for the question.

True, that some worms can reach the eyes, such as loa-loa worms, or the disease is called loiasis. This worm actually enters the body through the bite of the Chrysops mosquito, into the blood vessels, then migrates to the eye. Highest, this loiasis occurs in West and Central Africa. However, even in Indonesia, especially in the area around the Mangrove forest, this disease can also occur. Clinically, patients with loiasis can be characterized by several clinical symptoms, such as seeing worms that run in the eyes, the eyes feel painful or runny, pain and swelling in the joints, swelling of the body, and so on.

Need to be clarified, is this really the complaint that you feel?

Sometimes, sensations such as worms in the eye can also occur due to other factors, such as floater, pterygium, keratitis, uveitis, migraine, entry of foreign objects into the eye, asthenopia, hallucinations, and so on.

Therefore, before giving any treatment to your eyes, you should first check yourself to the doctor or eye doctor. Don't just carelessly use betel leaf on your eyes. Because, although it is known to have many health benefits, the direct application of betel leaves in the eyes is very risky to make your eyes inflamed, such as allergies, irritations, and even infections. It is not impossible, this condition will only aggravate your complaint at this time.

In the meantime, just focus on keeping your eye area clean. Not only that, don't also hold your eyes with dirty hands, don't use excessive cosmetics around the eyes, and rest your eyes from tiring activities (like staring at gadgets, reading small print) .

Hope this helps ...

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