Causes Blurry Eyes During Migraine?

Illustration of Causes Blurry Eyes During Migraine?
Illustration: Causes Blurry Eyes During Migraine?

Excuse me, r n r nMy mother was migraine then went to sleep. Suddenly when he woke up his eyes were blurry to dark. Already had eye scans to brain scans, the results were all good. R n r n What do you think this is? R n r nThank you

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Previously, I wanted to make sure beforehand, did the blurry that occurred when I woke up occur together with the migraine and occurred only temporarily?

If blurry eyes occur only temporarily during a migraine attack or before a migraine attack occurs, the possible cause of the blurred eye is the aura of a migraine. A migraine aura is a sensory symptom that can occur before or during a migraine attack. Aura migraine can take various forms, such as loss of vision, seeing very bright light, seeing flashes of light, seeing light zigzagging, smelling certain odors, tasting certain tastes on the tongue, hearing noises or whispering in the ears, and so forth. These sensory symptoms occur only temporarily and are not dangerous, will disappear after the migraine attack is complete. Therapy is more focused on overcoming migraine attacks and preventing recurring attacks if attacks occur frequently.

If blurry eyes occur continuously and persistently, then the possible cause is another. We recommend that you take your mother to the eye doctor so that further examination of your mother's eyes can be done. Ophthalmologists can look into your mother's eyeballs to find out whether there are certain abnormalities in the retina of your mother's eyes (the retina is the layer at the back of the eyeball where light is received), or in the nerves of your mother's eyes. Certain abnormalities in the eye, such as retinal abnormalities or abnormalities in blood vessels in the eyeball, cannot be seen with regular CT scans, but rather can be seen through direct eye examination.

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