Causes Breast Flushes And Palpable Hard?

Illustration of Causes Breast Flushes And Palpable Hard?
Illustration: Causes Breast Flushes And Palpable Hard?

Regards. I am a nursing mother aged 25 years. My child is 2.5 months old. About 2 weeks ago I just had a left breast incision due to an abscess. After the incision was completed, I was treated for 4 days. After I got home, I just realized that my breasts still feel hard in some parts. When I checked up with the doctor a week after the incision, he said it was wound tissue. My doctor said, if the tissue wins, it will turn milk. If the network loses, he will become an abscess again and have to operate again (incision) for the second time. I am very worried. For today, my hard breasts ache sometimes and the skin has started to redden. My lactation doctor said, it might be an abscess again. My question is, is it possible that the abscess is hard? And maybe I will make an incision for the second time ,? And is the hard tissue in the breast wound or abscess? Thank you..

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Hello Mrs. Shintha Angraeny thank you for consulting us on

Basically a breast abscess (mastitis) is caused by a blockage in the breast gland, which starts from the entry of bacteria that can enter through the baby's mouth when suckling, then the bacteria grow a lot and form pus (abscesses) in the breast.

Hard tissue can be the possibility of an abscess that reappears, or indeed scar tissue that is still not developing normally. However, if seen from your narration that your breast skin is red, it can indicate that the hard tissue is a recurring abscess. For the possibility of an incision made again, of course it all depends on the condition, if with high doses of antibiotic drugs, the abscess can improve, chances are not done again, but if it does not respond and the abscess is growing, then the incision is a consideration that must be done . Thus the explanation from us, hopefully helps .. Thank you.

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