Causes Breath And Mouth Odor?

Hello, I have experienced this symptom since I was in elementary school in grade 5, at first my mouth felt very dry, then after that day my mouth always felt dry even though I had drunk a lot. For a long time I felt something was different because my mouth was smelly and my breath was also smelly, my eyes were also often runny, sometimes in cold air my nose suddenly came out “clear liquid. I have to give up? Go to what doctor? , or gimna 😫

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Bad breath or also called halitosis can be caused by several things, including:

poor oral hygiene
cavities or problems with teeth and other gums
dry mouth
smoke or chew tobacco
sinusitis or tonsillitis
stomach acid disease or GERD

If indeed you experience dry mouth as well which causes your breath to be unpleasant, then you should also look for the cause of your dry mouth. Some possible causes include:

mouth breathing habits
side effects of certain drugs and also drugs for cancer
smoking or drinking alcohol
neurological disorders in the head and neck
certain diseases such as diabetes, stroke, fungal infections in the mouth, HIV, autoimmune diseases such as Sjögren's Syndrome

the presence of stones that clog the salivary glands (sialolithiasis)

Some things you can try to do first:

Brush your teeth regularly at least 2 times a day
Brush your tongue after you brush your teeth
Perform cleaning between the teeth with regular dental floss
Gargling with salt water
Avoid the habit of breathing from the mouth
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
Drink enough every day
Use a humidifier or air humidifier in a room with low humidity

We recommend that you do a check with your dentist to see whether there are certain problems in your teeth and mouth that can cause bad breath. If you really suspect a nose or throat disorder (for example there is enlargement of the tonsils, tonsillitis, or sinusitis), then your doctor can refer you to the ENT doctor for further treatment.

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