Causes Buildup Of Earwax After Using Earphones?

Illustration of Causes Buildup Of Earwax After Using Earphones?
Illustration: Causes Buildup Of Earwax After Using Earphones?

Good night,. I want to ask. I have not listened to using earphones for more than 1 month, and when recently I started listening to using earphones, problems started to occur. After using the earphones for 10 minutes my ears immediately hurt and after using the earphones, when I want to clean my ears with a cottonbud it always produces dark brown dirt. this happens several times but only in the left ear. Why do you think this happened? Thank you for your answer.

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Hi sabinamap,

Thank you for asking

The use of earphones to listen to noise, especially for long periods of time, can certainly cause pain. This pain can occur due to several factors, including:

Tinnitus (buzzing ears)
Inflammation of the external ear (otitis externa)

Accumulation of ear wax (cerumen impakta), and so on

Accumulation of dirt in your ears can occur especially if you often use earphones that are not clean. Not only that, the condition of the ear which tends to be moist due to excessive use of earphones can also facilitate the microorganisms that cause infection more easily enter the ear and trigger an increase in ear wax production. Inflammation of the ear can also cause increased earwax production and even ear pain.

In addition to the effects of the earphones used, it could also be, pain in the ear that you experience occurs due to other factors, such as migraines, otitis media, disorders of the jaw joints, skin infections around the ears, lymphadenitis, trigeminal neuralgia, and so on.

Our advice, visit the doctor or ENT specialist directly at the nearest health facility so that your complaint can be handled properly. Frequently, your complaint will improve enough with the administration of several drugs (both those that are dripped directly into the ear or also oral medication).

In the meantime, so that pain in your ears decreases, you should first take paracetamol. Stop using earphones, unless you really need to. Always keep your ears dry and do not possess harmful substances (including cotton buds or water). Finally, do not carelessly give medicines to the ears who experience complaints without direct advice from a doctor.

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