Causes Calf Skin Feels Hot For Several Days?

Illustration of Causes Calf Skin Feels Hot For Several Days?
Illustration: Causes Calf Skin Feels Hot For Several Days?

My left calf skin feels hot like in an ointment I don’t want to disappear in the last few days, why?

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Hello Puspita,

Thank you for the question.

The burning sensation on the calf skin most often occurs due to irritation, for example when you wear pants that are too tight or made of rough material, when your skin is in contact with dirty water, or also in contact with ointments, creams, detergents, and other irritating substances. Besides feeling hot, irritation on the skin will also make the skin red, peeling, and even swelling in more severe cases.

Not only irritation, other factors, such as allergies, insect bites, shingles, erysipelas, nerve disorders, vascular disorders, inflammation disorders, hormonal disorders, to psychological disorders can also cause a burning sensation in your skin like you are experiencing at this time.

In order for the complaints to subside, you can try doing it first:

Cold compresses your calf
Take a diligent bath and wash your feet with antiseptic soap to keep it clean
Use loose pants and soft ingredients
Don't press or rub excessively calf skin
Stay away from contact between your calves and irritative substances, as mentioned above
Don't sit bending your legs too often
Do not use narrow shoes or high heels
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
Rest your legs whose legs feel hot from excessive physical activity first
Regularly exercise every day

If with the steps above your complaint still does not improve, our advice, you go to see your doctor to be given further treatment. Could be, later the doctor will refer you to a dermatologist or neurologist if it is felt necessary.

Hope this helps ...

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