Causes Chest Discomfort?

Illustration of Causes Chest Discomfort?
Illustration: Causes Chest Discomfort?

my doctor wants to ask about my disease? that is, my chest feels uncomfortable as if there is a liquid that is disturbing it accompanied by flatulence or hardening, and I also have gastritis, then when walking sometimes my balance is disturbed and easily tired. what is the doctor’s cause of all these symptoms?

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Hello Rangga,

In our chest are the heart, lungs, esophagus (esophagus), blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and skin. One of these organs has a problem, so there will be discomfort in the chest. The causes include:

1. Dyspepsia

Dyspepsia is a collection of symptoms in the form of burning in the chest, a lot of gas in the chest, belching, fullness in the stomach, loss of appetite, nausea, and sometimes accompanied by vomiting.

2. Infection

Infectious diseases either in the lungs or in the lining of the lungs (pleura) can cause discomfort in the chest accompanied by shortness of breath.

3. Angina

Angina or what we know as a heart attack. In angina, there is usually discomfort in the left chest and radiating to the left arm

4. Herpes

Skin diseases such as shingles can cause discomfort in the skin area. This disease attacks the peripheral nerves in the affected area and causes discomfort.

Flatulence is a symptom of gastritis or ulcer. However, not all flatulence is caused by gastritis. The causes of flatulence can be read on the flatulence

Our center of balance is divided into 2 namely central equilibrium and peripheral balance. The central balance is in the brain region and the peripheral balance is in the inner ear region.

Central balance disorders can be caused by:

- Tumor

- Head trauma

- Stroke

- Multiple sclerosis

Peripheral balance disorders are caused by:

- Vertigo

- infection

- Drugs

- Tumor

- Trauma to the ear area

- Degenerative disorders (associated with increasing age)

80% of cases of balance disorders are caused by abnormalities in the inner ear.

The fatigue that you experience may be part of another complaint you experience. However, it can also be caused by the following:

1. Sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbances can make you feel tired

2. Nutritional intake

Lack of nutritional intake will make the body tired after activities

3. Anemia

Other symptoms of anemia are weakness, fatigue and lethargy. The most common cause of anemia in Indonesia is iron deficiency anemia.

4. Psychic

Psychological conditions or stress can cause fatigue.

5. Diabetes

Certain diseases such as diabetes have symptoms of thirst, drink a lot, and eat a lot, but they experience weight loss. Patients also often feel tired quickly.

6. Hypothyroid

Thyroid hormone deficiency disease will cause body functions to decline and feel tired.

To find out the exact cause, you can further consult your doctor. May be useful. Greetings, dr. Kresnawati

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