Causes Chest Pain, Palpitations And Difficulty Breathing?

Illustration of Causes Chest Pain, Palpitations And Difficulty Breathing?
Illustration: Causes Chest Pain, Palpitations And Difficulty Breathing?

Excuse me, I want to ask. I often experience pain in the chest or the bottom of the ribs both right and left then the chest feels palpitations and it is difficult to breathe. Not only that symptoms such as stomach tension also often recur. And I also often feel weak and tired even though I didn’t do anything heavy. Dizziness symptoms also often recur. according to the doctor what symptoms are usually from the disease huh?

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Hello Vinda

A disease can indeed be known by analyzing the symptoms experienced by the patient, but once there are some diseases that have similar symptoms so as to determine what health problems experienced by that person, a doctor needs to do an examination first.

Complaints of pain in the chest area and lower ribs accompanied by complaints of heart palpitations and difficulty in breathing and the stomach feels tense by a variety of medical conditions, where one that can be considered is heartburn. When the amount of stomach acid is too high, it will make the surface of the digestive tract become inflamed, causing discomfort to pain in the abdominal area which can spread to the chest area, sometimes the complaint is also accompanied by a sensation as if breathing is difficult when in fact it is not. Strong pain from heartburn can trigger an increase in the frequency of heartbeats, or it could be due to hunger (because stomach ulcers will usually appear when the stomach is empty for a long time) which ultimately causes low sugar levels resulting in complaints of palpitations, weakness, and not powered up

In addition to heartburn, several other medical conditions that can also be considered are

Muscle pain, due to strenuous physical activity for a long duration, for example due to doing sports with a stressed heart disorders, such as congenital heart disease, the symptoms of which can be pain in the chest area, easy fatigue, weight loss, shortness of breath and fast, easy sweating, skin becomes bluish (especially on the fingers and toes) There are disturbances in the lungs, such as asthma, tuberculosis, etc. Gallstones, symptoms of upper abdominal pain, fever, increased heart rate, itching, appetite decreased even accompanied by nausea and vomiting, diarrhea. Psychological factors, such as anxiety and excessive worry, panic attacks, or due to experiencing a heavy burden of mind However, even though Vinda experienced some symptoms of the points above does not guarantee that Vinda experienced the pain, Vinda is expected to see a doctor directly so that the doctor can carry out further assessments of Vinda's health condition, namely through question and answer sessions to get an overview of Vinda's health and through basic health checks, and if necessary the doctor may recommend Vinda to undergo supporting examinations such as ultrasound, blood tests, x-rays, heart record, etc. so that more information can be obtained to be considered by doctors in determining the root cause of the symptoms experienced by Vinda.

By knowing the root of the problem, the doctor can determine the treatment and treatment that is most appropriate for Vinda to go through. As for some things that Vinda can try to do so that the symptoms don't get heavier, eat regularly three times a day, so don't like to delay eating or just eat when you're hungry, reduce fatty foods, make sure the food consumed is clean, and manage stress appropriately.

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