Causes Cold Breath And A Lump In The Throat?

Illustration of Causes Cold Breath And A Lump In The Throat?
Illustration: Causes Cold Breath And A Lump In The Throat?

Good night, I want to ask. Why is it that when I breathe, the breath in my nose feels cold ?? Even though I don’t work tired. R nTrs also in the throat, and it gets stuck .. r nNot good for breath and breath. R n If you drink tea, it’s delicious but afterwards it doesn’t taste good. R nWhy is it? What’s the medicine?

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Hi Nur Beautiful,

Thank you for asking

A cold sensation in the nasal passages while breathing can be a common thing, for example, when you are in a cold or windy environment. However, if this complaint appears accompanied by discomfort in the throat, which causes you to feel disturbed when breathing and swallowing, then this is likely to indicate an inflammation of the respiratory tract, it can be limited to the nasal area (rhinitis), sinus cavities (sinusitis), throat (pharyngitis), or also deeper respiratory tract.

There are many conditions that often trigger inflammation of the respiratory tract. One of the most common is infection. This infection can occur due to viruses or bacteria. Respiratory tract infections are more common during the transition season, namely because during this season, the possibility of bacteria and viruses to reproduce is higher due to the favorable environmental conditions. Not only discomfort in the airways, respiratory infections in general will also cause sufferers to experience fever, muscle and joint pain, weakness, fatigue, lack of appetite, and various other complaints.

It could also be, inflammation of the respiratory tract occurs because it is triggered by allergic reactions, prodromal symptoms of infection in other organ systems, decreased immunity, and so on.

If your complaint has been going on for a long time, which is more than 3 days, to cause you discomfort in activities, you should check with your doctor right away. Usually, the doctor will first give you some medicine to deal with your complaint. If it doesn't get better with medication, your doctor will likely recommend that you undergo further tests, for example blood tests, X-rays, and so on.

In the meantime, you should not take drugs carelessly before seeing a doctor. It is enough to get plenty of rest, drink warm water, eat foods that contain lots of vitamin C, stay away from cigarettes, and be diligent in exercising, generally the complaints you experience will also get better. You can also use an air humidifier to help humidify the air, if you currently live in a cold, windy environment.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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