Causes Cold Hands?

Illustration of Causes Cold Hands?
Illustration: Causes Cold Hands?

Hello, I want to ask. From small my hands (palms and back of hands) often suddenly arrived cold but did not sweat. Likewise feet .. Sometimes the weather conditions and ambient temperature can be considered hot. If I relapse during hot weather, my body stays hot but doesn’t sweat and my hands become cold. I’m sick or what?

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Hello Salwa.

Cold hands can be caused by various things. If the room temperature tends to be cold, cold hands are a natural body response because blood vessels constrict to prevent the body from releasing excess heat.

From your situation, if you often experience cold hands all the time, then this might be caused by several things such as:

sympathetic nervous hyperactivity
anxiety disorders
side effects of certain drugs
vascular / vascular disorders
certain heart disease

one of the causes that quite often causes cold hands is due to hyperactivity of sympathetic nerves. Sympathetic nerves are one of the normal nerves in humans, over-sympathetic nerves can cause symptoms such as palpitations, cold hands, or sweaty hands. in most cases, the hyperactivity of the sympathetic nerves is unknown and harmless. In addition, causes such as anxiety disorders can also cause cold on the tip of the hand.

However, to ascertain the cause of your condition, it is recommended that you go to a neurological specialist, so that your doctor can examine your condition further.

Apply a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise, consumption of enough fruits and vegetables. and drink enough water and don't smoke.

The following article can be read that cools on the hands and feet

may be useful. thank you

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