Causes Cold Sweat Accompanied By Weakness And Shortness Of Breath?

Illustration of Causes Cold Sweat Accompanied By Weakness And Shortness Of Breath?
Illustration: Causes Cold Sweat Accompanied By Weakness And Shortness Of Breath?

I came home from work at night because of a cold headache … Then I was cramped … Arrived 2 I was weak and then breathing was rather difficult … That’s why …. I ate late …

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Angina or seated angina is chest pain that results from reduced blood flow to the heart. The main symptoms can be chest pain accompanied by cold sweat, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness. Generally the symptoms appear during activity and disappear during the erratic.

However, complaints that you feel such as headaches, cold sweat, weakness, rather difficult breathing can also be caused by:

Hypotension: is a condition where blood pressure is less than normal. Symptoms can include weakness, dizzy eyes, dizziness, cold sweating, shortness of breath.

Hypoglycemia: is a condition in which blood sugar levels are less than normal. Symptoms can include cold sweat, weakness, difficulty breathing, dizziness and dizzy eyes can occur.

Anemia: is a condition where the body lacks red blood cells. Symptoms are felt in the form of weakness, cold sweat, dizzy eyes, dizziness, weakness.

To better know the symptoms caused by what disease. We recommend that you consult a doctor. Later the doctor will conduct a physical examination related to complaints that arise, and may even require additional examinations such as blood tests, ECG.

If complaints such as severe chest pain, cold sweating, shortness of breath and even fainting then immediately take it to the nearest hospital to get further treatment.

Some things to do at home:

Avoid stress and excessive activity.
Avoid fatty foods, cigarettes and alcohol consumption.
Consume more water, fruits and vegetables.
Enough rest.

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