Causes Colds Post-sneezing?

Illustration of Causes Colds Post-sneezing?
Illustration: Causes Colds Post-sneezing?

Good morning doctor, introduce my name fiona, this is what my doctor wants to ask, why does every time I sneeze, after that it makes me get a cold immediately, which secretes white snot, and snot comes out with itself like water, that’s why doctor? thank you

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Hello fiona

Thank you for asking

Sneezing is a form of body defense against foreign objects that enter the nose. This is the body's natural response, especially when someone breathes in dust, pollution, allergens, to bacteria and viruses. where sneezing can also cause runny discharge where the snot is mucus or fluid produced by the mucous glands lining the respiratory tract. These channels include the nose, throat and lungs. The nose acts as a barrier to infection by cleaning the nasal organs from particles that cause inflammation. where there are several possible causes, namely:

 allergic: allergic reactions to dust, pollen, mold, animal hair, or other allergens can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes. Mast cells in the body will release histamine which causes sneezing, itching, and nasal congestion. Furthermore, the nose will blot excessively. irritants: Non-allergenic irritants can trigger inflammation and cause a short-term cold sensation, for example when you are exposed to cigarette smoke or chlorine after swimming. Eating very spicy foods can also cause temporary inflammation of the nasal membranes. Although not dangerous, this makes excessive mucus production. vasomotor rhinitis: prolonged runny nose, where the condition of the blood vessels in the nasal membrane swells so that more mucus production. This can be triggered by allergies, infections, irritation from the air, and other health problems. infection: When you have a fever or cold, your nose becomes more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. The flu virus will trigger the body to release histamine, which is a chemical that triggers inflammation of the nasal membranes. This is why mucus production is increased and thickened. However, thickening of the texture of mucus is not always bad. The reason is this thickening makes it difficult for bacteria to settle to the nose lining. Runny nose is the body's way to move bacteria and other substances that are not needed to get out of the nose. The color of snot usually tends to be clear and runny. If the snot turns green or yellow, this can be a sign of a bacterial infection developing in the body. If you have experienced a change in nasal mucus color to red or brown, this may be caused by a broken nasal blood vessel.

You should immediately consult a doctor if your snot has changed color to green, red or brown and if accompanied by fever and sore throat and headache or pain in the nose. so that the doctor can do a direct examination and give the right handlers.

There are several things you can do at home now

 avoid triggers that cause you to sneeze drinking warm water at least 8-12 glasses a day inhale hot steam do not take drugs carelessly without a doctor's prescription so we can provide information

hopefully can help

thank you

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