Causes Coughs, Colds And Vomiting After Eating?

Illustration of Causes Coughs, Colds And Vomiting After Eating?
Illustration: Causes Coughs, Colds And Vomiting After Eating?

Good afternoon I want to ask you, from Tuesday I feel pain. And until now there has been no cure 🙁 I feel no body aches, coughs, colds, difficult to eat rice. Because after eating always vomiting. Please correct the solution. R nThank you.

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Hello Irwan, Thank you for your question.

Have you seen a doctor? The cause of complaints not feeling well varies greatly. This condition can be caused by lack of nutrition, dehydration, infection in the body, high levels of psychological stress, excessive or insufficient physical activity, and others. If this complaint is accompanied by coughing and runny nose, then some examples of the causes are flu, sinusitis, bronchitis. The presence of infection in the body is often accompanied by other non-specific complaints such as nausea, decreased appetite, headaches, muscle and joint pain.

You can do the following suggestions:

much rest
multiply the consumption of nutritious foods
You should consume foods with a liquid or soft consistency to make them easier to digest
You should consume food in small portions but more often to avoid nausea
avoid consuming spicy, sour and oily foods
multiply water consumption

If you have difficulty eating because of nausea and vomiting, you should immediately consult a doctor for further examination. The doctor needs more information about your complaint and needs to examine you. The doctor may need to do other tests such as blood tests or X-rays. After knowing your medical condition, the doctor will provide the right treatment for you. Do not forget to close your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze, this is to avoid transmission to others. Please also keep your hands clean.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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