Causes Dark Red Vaginal Discharge?

Illustration of Causes Dark Red Vaginal Discharge?
Illustration: Causes Dark Red Vaginal Discharge?

So, a week ago I had a dark red blood-red discharge but it was watery, odorless, and didn’t itch. Before the dark red discharge, my lower abdomen was indeed painful, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. Well, when I don’t feel pain, then vaginal discharge. For three days, after that, it was no longer dark red vaginal discharge, but normal (normal) vaginal discharge. My menstrual schedule is about 10 days from the incident of the dark red vaginal discharge. Why is that? Should I check? But it’s not red discharge anymore ..

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Hi Dindaazahra,

Thank you for asking

Normal vaginal discharge is clear to white. In some conditions, vaginal discharge can be abnormal in color, namely yellowish, greenish, or brownish, but in fact it is rarely red like blood.

On rare occasions, the vaginal discharge may be reddish because it contains blood in it. This condition may occur if you have an infection or irritation of the reproductive organs, cervical cancer, blood clotting disorders, and so on.

In addition, if you look at your complaints, chances are what you experience is not just vaginal discharge, but menstrual blood that comes out on schedule. This condition in the medical realm is called metrorrhagia. The trigger can be various, including:

Side effects of drugs, such as anti-pain drugs, anti-inflammatory, anti-blood clotting Stress Fatigue Side effects of contraception, for example hormonal contraception or IUD Weight changes too suddenly Uterine polyps (benign tumors of uterine mucosa) Myomas (benign uterine muscle tumors) Endometriosis (growth abnormal endometrial tissue outside the uterus), etc. Abdominal pain that appears before vaginal discharge may also be the effect of contractions of the uterine muscles trying to expel menstrual blood.

Have you experienced this kind of condition before?

If so, you should check with an obstetrician right away. Usually, not only a physical examination, the doctor will also perform supporting tests, for example urine tests, ultrasound, to pap smears to make clear what kind of treatment needs to be done.

Meanwhile, you can be more careful in paying attention to the cleanliness and health of your sex organs. Avoid activities that can trigger irritation and infection of sex organs, for example:

Using fragrances around the intimate organs (including vaginal scent soap) Free sex Using tight and hot pants Excessive masturbation Using spermicides, condoms, or sexual lubricants carelessly without consulting a doctor Not to forget, always clean your intimate organs after urinating and always do a healthy lifestyle, starting from eating more antioxidants, sleeping regularly, avoiding stress, and exercising regularly.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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