Causes Dizziness, Fatigue And Headaches?

Illustration of Causes Dizziness, Fatigue And Headaches?
Illustration: Causes Dizziness, Fatigue And Headaches?

Greetings. R nI am now living with my siblings because my parents are dead and I feel very uncomfortable with them. I feel like I’m always being blamed. Since I lived with my brother, I was afraid to hear the word family in my mind family is a group of people who hurt, insult, put down and blame me. My brothers and sisters have always emphasized that they have to obey their wishes while my abilities are not sufficient. I feel happy when I am with my friends when I am with my family feeling depressed and uncomfortable. I also have a desire not to get married and I want to be alone in a lonely place. Sometimes at certain times I think hard to be what my brothers want me to be but the opposite results when I try to be demonized by my siblings. I ended up crying silently in the room. When I cry my head feels dizzy and hurts. Lately my body is often tired, head scythes suddenly. I consider all my brothers evil and inhuman. I consider the source of my happiness is when my friends and I hang out together not when with them. Am I under stress or something? R n r nThat’s all and thanks.

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Hello Tata,

A big change in a person's life, such as a change in place of residence, the loss of parents or loved ones, is of course quite heavy and can cause deep sadness. Situations like this can cause stress and even depression, namely excessive sadness that can cause disruption in carrying out daily activities.

Now, Tata is right by staying with family and doing activities as usual while occasionally having fun by hanging out with friends. But Tata needs to think positively, that the family is the people who will still accept Tata whatever the circumstances. Tata can still love them and be kind, of course they will also respect Tata.

Dizziness, fatigue and headaches can be caused by stress. Tata can work around this by eating nutritious food, getting enough rest and controlling stress. But these symptoms can also be caused by illness, such as infections such as flu, deficiencies in certain nutrients or vitamins, anemia, low blood pressure or other diseases.

If Tata feels very uncomfortable, Tata should talk about it well with Tata's brothers, or ask help from other family members outside of Tata's siblings who live in the same house to act as intermediaries. Talk carefully so that you can find a solution that both makes Tata and Tata's brother comfortable.

If sadness occurs continuously and interferes with Tata's activities such as making Tata unhappy with hobbies, decreased energy, sleep and appetite disorders, feelings of guilt, and even suicidal thoughts, Tata should immediately consult a psychiatrist, because maybe Tata is depressed.

Hopefully this is useful,

dr. Mega

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