Causes Dizziness, Nausea, Upper Abdomen Pain, Coughing And Sore Throat?

Hello. Good afternoon, sorry before I want to consult with the doctor. Currently I am experiencing symptoms of dizziness, nausea, upper abdomen pain, occasional cough but not so continuous, fever but rarely. Only occasionally, and not sore throat. “I know?

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Complaints of dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, occasional coughing and occasional fever accompanied by sore throat, so based on the Ministry of Health's recommendations to date, some symptoms and signs that require further evaluation and follow-up are when you measure your body temperature with temperature more than 38 degrees celsius with the possibility of Corona virus infection. However, if your temperature is below 37 degrees celsius, the chance of infection is small.

Even though your temperature is more than 38 degrees celsius, an evaluation of possible symptoms and signs of other Covid-19 infections and evaluation of risk factors for Covid-19 infection are needed, namely:

 Cough / sore throat Body temperature rises or Fever> 38 degrees celsius Other causes of illness cannot be ascertained against current pain complaints Shortness of breath confirmed by doctor's examination Within 14 days of contact with a suspicious patient Covid-19 or a positive patient Covid-19 Within 14 days You are traveling far or out of town / abroad where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization. For initial screening, if you have symptoms of coughing and fever with temperatures over 38 degrees celsius, and accompanied by a history of contact or traveling such as numbers 4 and 6, then an indication of Covid-19 infection needs to be confirmed. However, if you feel a complaint of cough and fever, and there are no other symptoms and other risk factors such as no. 5 and 6, then the possibility of Covid-19 infection is small, but you still need to evaluate and recover your health condition for the next 14 days from You are sick. If during the evaluation period, your complaints increase, or shortness increases and your clinical condition decreases, then immediately visit the nearest provincial hospital.

In connection with the complaint that you are feeling right now, this complaint may be caused by several medical conditions, such as:

 Strep throat in general Tonsils Gastric disorders Digestive infections Symptoms of typhus If you have not done an examination and treatment to your doctor, then you should consult with a doctor online because of the condition of vigilance with Covid-19, unless your doctor suggests to come see you. Your doctor will provide treatment and treatment recommendations for you until you get better. Follow all doctor's recommendations and plans for treatment. Without medical treatment, the cause of your complaint cannot be ascertained.

Furthermore, although in this discussion the possibility of Covid infection is small, however, this needs to be confirmed directly by your doctor and you should consider several other things in the recovery period, especially if you are in a local transmission area such as regional information from the Ministry of Health. Some businesses you can do, such as:

 Avoid staying up late, go to sleep immediately when you sleep. Stay at home to restore stamina and endurance and as a social effort distancing during recovery and prevent the risk of transmission from other patients. Avoid being outside the home, so stay quiet at home until your condition improves and your area is declared safe Consumption of nutritious food and nutritious drinks Avoid physical fatigue Avoid or limit spicy foods, fried foods, oily foods, instant foods or foods that are not maintained clean Use hand sanitizer as a second line, especially if it is difficult to find soap and water Get used to doing personal hygiene good things like bathing, washing hands regularly, and using a mask when you cough If complaints are increasing and accompanied by complaints of coughing, fever more than 38 degrees celsius and / or shortness of breath increasing, immediately go to the provincial hospital or city hospital where you live Such information can be k ami convey.

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