Causes Excessive Anxiety And Cold Soles

Illustration of Causes Excessive Anxiety And Cold Soles
Illustration: Causes Excessive Anxiety And Cold Soles

At night, I experienced anxious like-minded and cold feet, please advise

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Everyone must have felt anxious, and this is normal, especially if you are plagued by problems. However, be careful if anxiety arises excessively or frequently. It can be a sign of anxiety disorders. so if the anxiety you experience is just something especially when there is a problem you don't need to worry about this naturally. Anxiety is the body's natural reaction to stress, which is actually beneficial to make us more careful and alert. However, anxiety can become unhealthy if it appears excessive, difficult to control, or to interfere with daily activities. This condition is called anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are a serious mental disorder. the exact cause of generalized anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is still not clearly known. Some of the factors that are thought to play a role include:

Have experienced trauma, or negative experiences

Excessive activity in the part of the brain that controls emotions and behavior.

Serotonin and noradrenaline compounds that are not balanced in the brain sufferers.

Heredity. Those who have close relatives of generalized anxiety disorder have a five times greater risk of experiencing similar conditions ..

Never use illegal drugs or consume alcohol.

The following are some of the symptoms that can be felt by people with generalized anxiety disorder: Trembling and cold sweat, headaches, cold palms and feet, heart palpitations, decreased appetite and difficulty sleeping until shortness of breath.

if you feel excessive anxiety and cause symptoms as above, especially to disrupt activities, you should consult a psychiatrist to conduct an examination and get a handler and solution of complaints that you experience. Treatment for general anxiety disorders can be done in two ways, namely through psychotherapy and the administration of psychotropic drugs or sedatives given by doctors.

There are a few tips you can do:

do regular exercise
You can do meditation or relaxation to win the mind
You can tell the problem that you experience by the people closest
Limit smoking and drinking caffeine
relaxing hobbies or activities that are preferred, such as playing music, gardening, or painting.
dedicate yourself to God

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