Causes Fainting For More Than 5 Hours And Stiff Body?

Tonight I want to ask. my friend fainted from 15.30 to 20.00 less than before he realized or there was no change, and what I saw with his eyes wide open and stiff and could not move his limbs, but now he can move his head and wink. Is it just fainting from exhaustion or other serious illness?

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Fainting or syncope is a condition of momentary loss of consciousness due to lack of blood supply to the brain. Generally occurs within minutes, and after that can recover completely. The causes for someone experiencing syncope are:

Can be related to the heart: like there is a blockage in the flow of blood that comes out of the heart. Or kelianan in the valve and heart muscle so that the blood supply to the brain is inadequate.
Lack of fluid intake: conditions that can cause less fluids can include diarrhea, severe vomiting, fatigue, hot air, and lack of drinking.
Effects of alcohol
Nerve-related: a stroke can cause a person to faint or fall suddenly. Seizures can also cause a person to experience an unconscious state.

Someone who experiences seizures, can show symptoms such as: loss of consciousness, stiffness in the body, uncontrolled movements of the feet and hands, blank stares, and confusion for a moment. Causes of a person experiencing seizures, namely: damage to the brain nerves, genetic disorders, infection of the brain nerves, alcohol dependence, fever, stroke, very high blood pressure, head injury. But you should check your friend's condition to the doctor directly, to get further treatment. The doctor will do a thorough physical examination, and if needed the doctor will do a heart record test to determine the presence or absence of abnormalities in the heart rhythm. Taking a blood sample, to determine the presence or absence of anemia. And autonomic nerve examination to rule out the possibility of nerve disorders.

Some things that can be done when someone has collapsed is check their breathing, if not breathing do the first handling Cardiolpumonary Resusitation / CPR, and immediately contact medical personnel. If breathing is still present, do not place it in a crowd, so that oxygen is still sufficient, check also the presence or absence of injury to the body. Things that can be done to prevent recurrence of fainting are: fulfilling the needs of food intake - nutritious foods such as fruits and green vegetables, sufficient water needs in the body by drinking 2L per day. Prevent fainting triggers caused by external factors, for example, trauma when looking at blood, and so on.

If there are complaints of repeated fainting, accompanied by high fever, weak limbs, immediately see a doctor to get further treatment.

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