Causes Fatigue Easily Accompanied By Fever?

Illustration of Causes Fatigue Easily Accompanied By Fever?
Illustration: Causes Fatigue Easily Accompanied By Fever?

Hello, I am celebrating the age of 25. u003cbr u003 I have a fever for 3 days until 38.4 degrees Celsius, and this is my first day of activity again. For today, usually I go down stairs and never feel tired and tired, so after a fever so easily tired and oyong also? Please provide information.

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Fever is the body's reaction to fight germs. Fever is often caused by viral, bacterial, fungal and other parasitic infections. Fever is a condition that is actually good and is protective for the body, because when the fever is the immune system is in the process of getting rid of germs in the body.
Fever that lasts for 3 days is generally caused by a virus that can improve along with increased endurance. Other symptoms that are often complained of by the viral index include muscle pain, joint pain, headache, weakness, body feels unwell, decreased appetite.
Beware of dengue virus attacks that also begin with a fever that rises suddenly high then followed by a phase down fever. Difase will be found a decrease in the number of platelets / blood kepjng, an increase in hematocrit on the results of blood tests and significant signs of bleeding such as ptekie, bleeding gums, nose to the digestive tract.
Related to your question, feeling tired, struggling and feeling shaggy / staggering can be affected by the infection that is being experienced. Although the fever has subsided, the virus or germs that cause disease are still circulating in the body which is in the process of being destroyed by the body's defense system.
Low hemoglobin levels or anemia can also trigger complaints that you feel. Anemia is very often experienced by women, especially in productive age who almost every month experience an active menstrual cycle. In addition to anemia, hypotension / low blood pressure can also cause complaints of limp body, not excited, staggering and easy to faint.

To help reduce complaints, here are some suggestions you can take:

Get plenty of rest Get plenty of fluids Consumption of nutritious food Avoid strenuous and tiring activities Consumption of foods containing iron such as meat and green vegetables Avoid stress and other psychological disorders If symptoms do not improve, then immediately check with your nearest doctor for examination and evaluation direct and best management. Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully helps

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