Causes Fever, Dry Cough And Dizziness?

Hello my mery, I had a fever last night the symptoms of flu, dry cough and dizziness. After taking the medicine, just call it OBH and some vitamins are quite improved, but now the condition is even more limp, I guess why? Thank you

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Hello Mery,

Thank you for the question.

Fever, colds, coughs, dizziness, and weakness can refer to a variety of conditions, such as respiratory tract infections, infections of other organ systems, allergies or irritations in the airways, benign or malignant tumors in the airways (such as polyps, throat cancer), immune disorders , aspirations of foreign bodies, and so on. However, referring to the current conditions, where the outbreak of COVID-19 (an infection of the airways by the new Corona virus) is spreading, it seems you should be vigilant too. Worried, your complaint is now a symptom of COVID-19.

It should be clarified, have you been in contact with COVID-19 sufferers in the past 2 weeks? Or have you ever traveled and made contact with people from areas with local transmission COVID-19?

If your answer to our question above is no, then you can be more relieved. Try to resolve your complaint first by:

Use a mask
Bathing more diligently with warm water and always wear clean clothes
Diligent also wash your hands with soap and running water
Do not hold the face, except with clean hands
Do not carelessly handle people's belongings or public facilities, without washing hands afterwards
Stay away from substances that make the airway allergic or irritant, such as dust, wind, cold, animal hair, pollen, cigarette smoke, pollution
Sleep early and regularly
In order to reduce fever, take the drug paracetamol first
Eat and drink warm, easy to swallow, not greasy or spicy
Regularly exercise and live a healthy lifestyle so that endurance increases

On the other hand, if your answer to our question above is yes, or if it appears congested, vomiting, and limp which is very disturbing, our advice, consult yourself directly to the doctor so that it is evaluated more deeply. It may be that later you will be directed to undergo further tests (such as blood tests, sputum tests, x-rays) or referred to the appropriate specialist doctor (such as internal or pulmonary diseases).

Hope this helps ...

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