Causes Gum And Tooth Down

Illustration of Causes Gum And Tooth Down
Illustration: Causes Gum And Tooth Down

Hello, why do my gums take a long time? “And my teeth are starting to show all over and under my teeth there is a white coating. Is that normal? I’m 17 years old.

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Gums down is a condition known as gingival recession, which is the decline of the gums downward until the tooth roots are visible. Gum down usually occurs at the age of over 40 years, but there are also several conditions that cause the gum down at a young age, including: infection of the gums due to cavities, how to brush teeth that are wrong and too hard, genetic or hereditary, and smoking.

Treatment of down teeth must go to the dentist, because it must be done cleaning teeth and care for the gums. Based on your complaint, if you don't have a history of dental infection, it can lead to the wrong way to brush your teeth. Using a toothbrush that is too hard can also affect the gums, besides brushing too hard and in the wrong way also including aggravating the condition of the gums down.

There are several ways to help treat teeth and gums, including:

consumption of water a lot after eating
Brushing teeth 2 times a day and before going to bed for at least 2 minutes
use a soft toothbrush
use fluoride toothpaste
don't forget to check your dental health once every 6 months

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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