Causes Hand Joints To Sound When Moving?

Illustration of Causes Hand Joints To Sound When Moving?
Illustration: Causes Hand Joints To Sound When Moving?

…. I want to ask, every time I move my hand, my hand rings a lot. Even every time my hand moves, it keeps on sounding … Not only in the legs, at the waist, at the back of the shoulder … Doctor’s question I move my hand to ring ??? What is the solution and treatment ???? Can it be cured so that the sound disappears ??? Please inform … That’s all and thank you

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Hello な さ た は ら ま さ あ

I understand your concern, but the sounds of joints when making a movement may not necessarily be a health problem. The human body consists of a series of muscles, bones, cartilage, ligments, tendons, meniscus, etc. When the human body moves, there can be sensitivity between these chains, such as between ligaments and tendons, causing noise. In addition, the sound can also arise due to the release of gas in the joint cavity. In both conditions it may not be accompanied by any symptoms and does not always need special treatment.

Other conditions that can cause joints to ring are inflammation of the joints, bones / tendons / ligaments displaced due to trauma or injury, calcification or due to reduced fluid, but usually for these conditions accompanied by symptoms such as pain arising when the joint movement, swelling in the joint area, difficulty moving the joint, etc.

The solution or each of the above conditions can be different despite having the same symptoms, even some of them do not require special action. Then you should check with your doctor directly so that further evaluation can be done to better understand the state of your health through a series of health checks. That way your doctor can determine first what conditions are actually being experienced by you. After knowing what conditions are causing it, the doctor will consider what treatment is most suitable to be done or given to overcome the symptoms experienced.

As for some tips that you can try to do is to exercise regularly so that the joints are not stiff, maintain ideal body weight so that the burden that is supported by the bones is not too heavy, and avoid habits that can trigger the onset of noise (intentionally).

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