Causes HB To Go Down?

Illustration of Causes HB To Go Down?
Illustration: Causes HB To Go Down?

my mom hb initially 8.4 then within 2 weeks dropped to 6.8. but there is no bleeding, vomiting of blood, or dark chapters. why is that ?? my age is 55 years old

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Hello Cici Megan, thanks for asking

Hb or hemoglobin is one of the contents in red blood cells that function to distribute nutrients and oxygen throughout the body's organs. Hemoglobin levels under normal conditions are also called anemia.

This anemia can occur in a long period of time or a short time depending on the cause. This can be the cause of your mother's hemoglobin level dropping within 2 weeks. Anemia does not only occur due to bleeding such as vomiting blood and so on, but there are many factors and conditions that cause anemia in a person.

The following types of anemia based on the cause are:

Iron deficiency anemia, decreased levels of hemoglobin in the blood due to iron deficiency or deficiency. Where iron is an important ingredient for making blood cells. This iron deficiency anemia can be acute or chronic. Acute for example due to bleeding such as vomiting blood, heavy menstrual bleeding, organ ulcers (sores). Chronic for example in cancer sufferers. Anemia due to chronic diseases, some diseases can cause anemia due to interference with the process of formation or destruction of red blood cells. For example: kidney disease such as acute kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, cancer, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and other chronic diseases. Anemia due to bone marrow disease, such as leukemia aplastic anemia, is a condition of blood kelianan where the body is unable to produce red blood cells Hemolytic anemia is anemia that occurs when red blood cells are destroyed by the body faster than the time of production. Other types of anemia, for example: thalassemia To find out the type of anemia that occurs in your mother, you need to do further interviews and a physical examination with your mother to look for other causes. In addition, the doctor will also conduct a blood laboratory examination to determine the cause of the anemia. The blood test can take the form of peripheral blood imaging, serum iron examination, and so forth. with the supporting examination, the cause of the anamia in your mother can be known so that later the handling steps given will also be appropriate for your mother. Therefore, consult your mother's condition to a specialist in internal medicine at the nearest hospital.

In principle, treatment of anemia needs to be done based on the cause. If the cause is a chronic disease, then what needs to be addressed is the chronic disease that causes the anemia. But for severe anemia transfusion needs to be done to help increase hemoglobin news.

Hb 6.8 is included in periodic anemia which requires blood transfusion. We recommend that you immediately see a doctor for further treatment. Because anemia that is not treated further can cause serious complications and even life threatening.

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