Causes Heart Beats Fast?

Illustration of Causes Heart Beats Fast?
Illustration: Causes Heart Beats Fast?

around 9 mlm my heart suddenly beat very fast continuously at the same time with the mag so throbbing so fast I don’t know what the name is because I am the first person to do this and I don’t feel pain, nausea or dizziness but thank God. And I was just playing with my sister laughing “like that but before that I was eating Snak and Momogi then after that I couldn’t drink the water and around 2 minutes later I arrived ” it appeared. Yeah, really, I often do that, how come it appears now, but there is one that momogi has been doing right now for a long time if it doesn’t go away when I go to sd.

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Regarding the complaints that are felt, it should be noted the following points, namely

- Does the feeling appear suddenly or has been going on for a long time
- Is accompanied by coughing or a feeling of vomiting
- Is there a history of other diseases
- Is there a history of eating less regularly or eating often spicy or asthma

Choking (foreign objects in the respiratory tract) is an object that comes from outside the body or from inside the body, which normally does not exist where related to personal, physical, psychological, careless, and dental factors. Symptoms are felt when swallowing feels painful, feeling clogged in the throat, then can trigger a cough.

An increase in stomach acid (GERD) is a condition of symptoms of pain in the upper abdomen and feels spread to the chest associated with increased acid. This causes the back of the mouth to feel bitter. Gastric acid that rises up to the mouth area will irritate the lining in the mouth, causing pain to swallow.

Stomach ulcers (gastritis) are digestive problems because there is a prolonged increase in acid in the lambug layer, causing injury to the stomach lining. The pain is usually sharp and triggered by foods that are too acidic or spicy, and will increase pain when the stomach is in a long empty condition.

While at home can avoid complaints that can be felt helped by avoiding things that trigger

- Avoid foods that are too spicy or sour, alcoholic drinks
- avoid being late to eat and applying a regular and healthy diet.
- Exercise regularly
- Eat slowly don't rush and do a good chew 15-30 times for chewing.

But it would be better especially if the symptoms persist brought to consult with specialists in internal medicine so that it can be known with certainty the cause of these symptoms by physical examination by a doctor and supporting examinations such as laboratory or imaging.

If the pain feels very heavy, difficult to pass wind, palpable stomach should be hardened immediately to the emergency department for immediate handling of the condition.

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