Causes Heartburn

Illustration of Causes Heartburn
Illustration: Causes Heartburn

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The term heartburn does not refer to a disease, but is a collection of symptoms. Symptoms of heartburn can be a lump in the throat, pain in swallowing, bad breath, chapped lips, mouth sores, and so on. Some of the conditions associated with heat include:

Throat irritation
Other viral infections such as influenza, common cold

Related to your question, you might feel fever symptoms or symptoms due to stomach acid reflux. In GERD there is gastric acid reflux which can cause a burning sensation in the chest that can spread to the surrounding areas including the arms. Because the symptoms are not specific to an illness it is important to do a physical examination and additional examinations to find a definite cause so that management will be appropriate.

For now, all you can do is:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods, avoid high-fat foods and too greasy and too spicy
Expand fruits and vegetables
Drink enough and rest, especially warm water
Regular exercise
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Manage stress well
Do not immediately lie down after eating

If complaints continue to be felt or burdens immediately consult a doctor so that further examination and treatment can be done. This article about HEAT INSIDE can add to your information.

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