Causes Itching All Over The Body?

Illustration of Causes Itching All Over The Body?
Illustration: Causes Itching All Over The Body?

Good night. I had never had an itchy itch before. but after I went to college, until now I work, sometimes my body itches itches. very gataal. I have had smallpox in grade 3 high school, now there are still scars. but after I went to college, my back, shoulders and upper arms always had spots. like acne sometimes huh. he said back acne. seems like a water problem. I was living in a dorm. the environment is fairly clean, but I don’t really know the water. the itching feels hot, then when I scratch it, my skin is really fast and has a reddish mark.

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Hi Deassyana .. Thank you for the question given.

Itching in the body can cause discomfort in the sufferer. Itching sensation in the body can occur due to several things such as:

Bacterial infection
Virus infection

Fungal / tinea infections
Parasitic infections or insect bites (eg scabies / scabies)
Allergic skin reactions

Eczema / dermatitis - can be allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis
Due to other diseases such as thyroid gland disorders, hepatitis, iron deficiency anemia, immune disorders, psychological stress

Because the disturbance in your skin has occurred for a long time, it is a good idea to see a skin specialist, especially if the itching is getting wider, festering wounds occur, so that the doctor can do a physical examination directly and can be supported by examining skin scrapings, and if necessary too. lab examination to check complete blood, liver function, kidney function, thyroid gland function.

Meanwhile, what you can do:

Keep your body clean, shower regularly and change clothes regularly
Avoid scratching the itch excessively, as this can cause the wound to become infected with bacteria
Pay attention to whether you are allergic to certain foods or drugs and avoid using them if you have allergies
Avoid using soaps, lotions, perfumes that irritate the skin
Keep the sheets, towels, clothes you use clean and avoid using them interchangeably

May be useful

dr. Iriyanti

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