Causes Itching In The Abdomen, Waist, And Thighs During Pregnancy?

, itching and bumps (like being bitten by a mosquito) early in pregnancy but only in certain areas such as the stomach, waist, groin, is it dangerous? and what to do?

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There are complaints of itching in the abdomen, waist, thighs during pregnancy, the possibility can be caused by a stretch of skin that causes a stretch mark. This stretch mark is a picture of wrinkles on the skin, such as white lines that are curved or branched, this occurs because of an imbalance in the skin's strain on skin collagen. The more fat mass increases in a part of the body, the skin will stretch further, if the elasticity of the skin is less balanced, then the stretch marks will appear and can be accompanied by reddish, bumpy and itchy skin. If you complain of itching excessively, then the skin will appear to experience chronic irritation and can sometimes cause the skin to turn black the next time. So doing skin care before the appearance of stretch marks and as long as stretch marks complaints are present, will help reduce complaints that are uncomfortable due to this stretch mark. Usually these skin scratches often occur in pregnant women, weight gain, or due to consumption of certain drugs.
However, some of the conditions below can also cause complaints of itching like you feel during this pregnancy, such as:
1. contact dermatitis or inflammation of the skin
2. inflammation of the skin pores
3. allergic
4. insect bites
5. tick bites
6. infection
You should consult directly with your obstetrician to ascertain the cause of the complaint you are feeling. Because this complaint must be seen immediately to ascertain the cause of the itching complaint. So that treatment can be given to help provide comfort for you.
Some things you can try to reduce this complaint is to use a moisturizer or lotion on the stretched skin area, avoid fatty foods, meet the needs of water, consume healthy fruits and vegetables, and avoid excessive scratching in the area. So, if itching You can use a tissue or handkerchief and give lotion to reduce complaints of itching. cold compresses will help reduce this itchy complaint.
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