Causes Itchy And Cloudy Eyes?

Illustration of Causes Itchy And Cloudy Eyes?
Illustration: Causes Itchy And Cloudy Eyes?

I have had eye pain for up to 2 weeks. After recovering, my eyes often get very irritated, come out tired, and my eyes are always cloudy. Why is that?

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Eye rubbing and slight itching can occur normally in certain circumstances, for example when you wake up. However, if the eyes are choked and itchy is excessive, especially if accompanied by red eyes, swelling, eyes become cloudy, or the sight of kabaur can indicate another disease in the eye, such as infection or inflammation of the eye (due to bacterial, viral, or fungal infections), irritation due to substances / chemicals, allergic reactions, and so forth. Some examples of diseases that can cause similar complaints include conjunctivitis, keratitis, corneal ulcers, dry eye syndrome, and others. These complaints can arise due to the influence or continuation of a previous eye disease or may not be related at all. Therefore, we recommend to consult an ophthalmologist for a thorough examination, especially if complaints are felt to be distracting. Doctors will measure sharp eyesight, see the eye with the help of a slit lamp, see the inside of the eye with a funduscopy, and others. Handling will be tailored to the cause of the complaint. To reduce complaints, compress the eyes with warm water for 10-15 minutes, avoid rubbing the eyes, use eye drops prescribed regularly by the doctor, wash hands regularly before and after touching the eyes, avoid using excessive eye cosmetics and risk to irritating, avoid also using contact lenses, use disposable tissues or wet cotton to clean the chin, and you should still do a healthy lifestyle so that healing can be faster.

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