Causes It’s Hard To Gain Weight?

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I’m 20 years old, why is it so hard for me to gain weight? I am 178 cm tall and 58 kg weight. I’ve been drinking hilo but it didn’t work, I also reversed the diet rules, so for example in the diet rules it’s not allowed to eat at night, so I accidentally eat dinner, etc. But not too fat, there is weight gain but it takes a long time and if the weight goes up, the cheeks turn into chilies, not the body.

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Hi Ega,

The ideal weight is certainly everyone's dream, however, sometimes the ideal weight is difficult for some people to achieve. Here are some things that can make it difficult to gain weight:

Genetic factors (heredity), for example, relatively lean parents tend to have slim children. Nutritional intake Physical activity Rest Due to certain medical conditions such as impaired food absorption or thyroid function disorders (hyperthyroidism) etc. The right way to increase weight is to consult directly with a nutritionist (nutrition specialist) so that the doctor can determine the cause of your difficulty in gaining weight and can provide treatment according to your needs.

In addition to doctor's treatment, you can also do some of the following suggestions to help increase your weight:

Eat healthy foods that are rich in nutrients Eat more often, for example, eat 5-6 small meals a day Consume juices or smoothies Make sure your daily calorie intake exceeds your daily calorie needs Get enough rest Exercise, if you find it difficult to gain weight then you can do physical activities that stimulate muscle growth such as lifting weights to increase your weight. Here's an article related to your question:

Gaining weight to be ideal

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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