Causes Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Causes Late Menstruation?
Illustration: Causes Late Menstruation?

Night,. My menstrual schedule is always at the beginning of every month, which is around 1-10 and lasts a maximum of 4-5 days. but this month I was late for my period. but I experienced 4 spots in the intermittent interval. like today spots, then clean. 3 days later spots again. like that. I want to ask what should I do for my period? Is the effect because I often drink ice? because 2 months ago I was like this too because every morning I drank ice then I drank kiranti and ate pineapple. finally my period went well. last month I rarely drank ice and my period was on time at the beginning of the month. but this month because I often go to the mall and drink ice so it spots again. Please help. thank you

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Menstrual patterns that occur in every woman can be different. Some women have short menstrual cycles, others have long cycles, as well as the volume of blood that comes out up to the duration of the menstrual bleeding. But generally the normal cycles and patterns are unchanged and are relatively the same in every menstruation in each month.

Irregular menstrual patterns can be caused by several factors, to get the right treatment it is necessary to know the cause of the complaint it is necessary to do a history and direct physical examination. Some possibilities include:

Hormonal fluctuations
Thyroid disease

In the meantime what you can do include:

Manage stress
Sleep and rest enough
Keep eating healthy and healthy
Doing relaxation of mind with meditation or yoga
Increase fluid intake

Menstruation is a cycle that occurs in different female reproductive systems and has no direct relationship with the digestive system when consuming ice or cold water.

If your complaint does not improve or you are worried, you should check with your obstetrician for further examination and treatment related to your condition

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