Causes Menstruation Stops?

Illustration of Causes Menstruation Stops?
Illustration: Causes Menstruation Stops?

Good afternoon, I want to ask I haven’t menstruated for a long time. I have been to a specialist before, then I was given medicine. After taking the medicine I immediately menstruated but after the medicine was gone I never menstruated again. Why is that? Do I have to take medication continuously to be able to menstruate? Please answer.

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Possible causes of non-current menstruation include:

1. Hormonal disorders: hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle are estrogen and progesterone, if there is interference with the hormone either the levels are too much or too little, will disrupt the menstrual cycle becomes abnormal.

2. Disorders of the female organs: abnormalities in the female organs such as the uterine lining, cervix, vagina and so on will cause abnormalities in the menstrual cycle

3. Stress: disruption in the menstrual cycle can occur due to psychological stress or thoughts and feelings that are not controlled.

To find out the cause, diagnosis and treatment of complaints that you experience, you should immediately consult an obstetrician.

Prevention can be done:

1. Increase physical activity or exercise 3 times a week for 30-50 minutes / time

2. Consuming vegetables and fruit

3. Reducing stress by running a hobby that you like

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