Causes Of A Hard Stomach After Tumor Surgery?

Illustration of Causes Of A Hard Stomach After Tumor Surgery?
Illustration: Causes Of A Hard Stomach After Tumor Surgery?

Hello, I want to ask my mother after the tummy surgery has become hard because what is it? Is it natural that after the stomach tumor surgery becomes hard? Thank you

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Hello, good evening. Thank you for asking

After surgery the recovery process and repair of body cells occur, usually in the surgical procedure there will be a process of injury to both the outer skin, accompanied by muscles and underlying tissues. As a healing reaction usually formed connective tissue that will appear in the form of a lump, palpable more dense than the surrounding without pain. But you should pay more attention to the following conditions

Severe pain that can interfere with daily activities, especially those that last up to several hours
Infection in the area of ​​the wound is usually a lump, which can be felt hard or filled with fluid in the form of pus, red swelling, and is accompanied by a fever.
The rest of the tissue that cannot be removed in several tumor conditions, especially malignant, sometimes there are parts that cannot be diagnosed in full because it will cause fatality in a person's soul so that it may remain in the body.

Based on what has been said, it is better to consult the condition to the doctor who performed the operation. This aims to make the complete history and procedure of the patient experienced. Some things that should be applied are

Maintain clean operating wounds
Tapered or wet bandages should be replaced
If there is a large amount of permeation and accompanied by smelling pus, it is advisable to consult a doctor. There may be signs of infection

If the stomach is accompanied by severe pain, it should be immediately taken to the hospital because it can be a sign of gravity, namely inflammation of the stomach lining.

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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