Causes Of A Lump In The Neck?

Illustration of Causes Of A Lump In The Neck?
Illustration: Causes Of A Lump In The Neck?

Can you analyze the results of my lab? I only had surgery for 3 weeks yesterday. I removed the lump in the lower right front neck, but the results of the lab were not explained by the doctor, but only explained to me. May I ask for help so I can know what lumps are coming from my neck and I can be extra careful and take care of avoiding what is not permissible.Ket.Klinik: front neck lumps Diagnosis: SNNTmakroscopic: accepted by 2x2x1 cm network size, white solidMicroscopic: tissue preparation shows thyroid follicle proliferation with tubular structures of medium size dominant coated atypical follicular cells, pleomorphic nucleus, hyperchromatic, invisible chromatin core, vesicular visible cells with cores “ground glass apperance and nuclear groove” Impression: papillary thyroid carcinoma follicular variant. from the lab results that I received but did not get a clarification from the doctor or my brother. Please help me. Can I be safe? Or this is a deadly lump.

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Hello Apriliana,

Thank you for your question.

In general, a lump in the neck, has several causes, I will try to explain in advance, the causes of a lump in the neck, namely:

Enlargement of the thyroid gland or often called goitre. The thyroid gland has a function to regulate the body's metabolism. The occurrence of a lump in the thyroid can be caused due to the production of excess thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism) or lack of thyroid hormone production (hypothyroid) factors that cause these disorders including: iodine salt deficiency, hasimoto thyroiditis or inflammation of the thyroid.
Nasopharyngeal / thyroid cancer, cancer itself is usually marked by the presence of hereditary factors, and causes a rapid appearance of the lump
Lipoma, a benign tumor that appears under the skin, is composed of harmless fatty tissue.

It is said that you have finished removing a lump in the neck with the result of diagnosis is SNNT which has the meaning of non toxic toxic nodules. Which has a size of 2x2x1 white and solid. And the appearance of thyroid cell dissection in the form of a tube with a darker color, and there is a characteristic appearance of papillary thyroid carcinoma.

Mentioned in the laboratory results found the existence of ground glass apperance and nuclear groove, which is a characteristic sign of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Which is where the disease most often affects women aged 25-50 years. One risk factor for this is hasimoto thyroiditis. Hasimoto thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease characterized by damage to thyroid hormone. This disease, if it has been removed, has a good prognosis or outcome. However, some people also experience a recurrence in which the recurrence process must be evaluated for 6 months. Therefore, it is recommended for routine control and consumption of drugs given by doctors,

There are several things that affect the recurrence of papillary thyroid carcinoma, namely: 1) age (the younger the patient's age the better the prognosis) 2) gender (said women have a better prognosis than men) 3) variants of carcinoma 4) tumor size. If you experience the condition of palpitations, tightness, meah, and excessive anxiety, then consult yourself to the doctor who treats you.

May be useful. Always healthy

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