Causes Of Abdominal Pain During Early Pregnancy?

Illustration of Causes Of Abdominal Pain During Early Pregnancy?
Illustration: Causes Of Abdominal Pain During Early Pregnancy?


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Abdominal pain during pregnancy does often arise and often makes pregnant women worry. Cramps or abdominal pain during pregnancy actually occurs naturally. Abdominal pain or cramps can be caused by several factors such as:

Changes in uterine size, the more the age of the uterus increases because the size of the growing fetus, the uterus will enlarge and the connective tissue around the uterus will also stretch, causing pain.

Pressure on muscles, joints, and ligaments, when being pregnant automatically there will be an increase in sensi, ligaments and muscles so that it can cause pain, especially if doing activities that increase pressure in the stomach such as when coughing, sneezing, or lifting objects.

As gas accumulates in the stomach, pregnant women will experience excessive stomach gassing due to hormonal changes with increasing progesterone. This hormone will cause the muscles of the digestive tract to rest so that the digestive tract will work slowly as a result of gas accumulating in the intestine. And this condition will cause

Constipation or constipation, due to hormonal changes in which the hormone estrogen is produced makes the intestines move slowly so that food in usu can also be left in the large intestine, causing constipation and this condition usually causes pregnant women to feel discomfort in the stomach.

False contractions, contractions often occur in pregnancy if the contents have entered the second trimerter. often a false contraction. Be different from the original contraction currently giving birth.
Having sex

This situation is a normal abdominal pain that occurs during pregnancy. If you have confirmed your condition to the doctor then you should not need to worry too much. It is better to stay focused on maintaining your pregnancy and control it back to the obstetrician and obstetrician as directed by the doctor.

Here are some ways you can reduce comfort during pregnancy:

Drink enough water because dehydration can cause fake contractions
Avoid making sudden movements when there is pain or stomach cramps
If you feel excessive gas in your stomach, try to move your body or do light exercise, and take a warm bath
Avoid consuming foods and drinks that produce excess gas, such as beans, cabbage, cabbage, and soft drinks.
If abdominal cramps occur during pregnancy after sex, try to massage your back gently

Although most are helpless, you also need to recognize signs of dangerous abdominal pain during pregnancy if abdominal pain or abdominal cramps occur accompanied by spotting or bleeding spots, nausea, severe vomiting, chills, fever should immediately consult a doctor at the nearest health facility.

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