Causes Of Abdominal Pain In The Navel?

Illustration of Causes Of Abdominal Pain In The Navel?
Illustration: Causes Of Abdominal Pain In The Navel?

my stomach aches acutely, when I breathe in pain it feels really deep, in the stomach area and around it, about why and what should I do? have a history of appendicitis.

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Hello Tri Siagian,

Abdominal pain can arise due to problems in the tissues in the stomach starting from the outside namely the skin, muscles, tissue hanging intestine, intestine, stomach, liver, pancreas, and other organs in the stomach. The appendix is ​​the part of the intestine that is in the caecum (the initial part of the large intestine). Until now the function of the appendix is ​​unclear in the body, but inflammation in the appendix (appendicitis) can cause symptoms of abdominal pain.

Abdominal pain in appendicitis is lower right abdominal pain. Appendicitis pain can initially be felt around the solar plexus (stomach location) and then spread to the navel and lower right abdomen and settled there. Appendicitis stomach pain can be accompanied by complaints of fever, nausea, diarrhea. On physical examination can be found signs associated with appendicitis such as lower right abdominal tenderness, loose pain, lower right abdominal pain when the left abdomen is pressed. Investigations such as ultrasonography and CT-scan can be used to help diagnose appendicitis. Management of appendicitis is through surgical appendectomy to cut and remove the appendix.

If you have had an appendectomy, it is less likely that the pain you are experiencing is now related to the appendix again (because it has been removed). If you have seen a doctor and have been diagnosed with typhoid fever (Salmonella typhii infection), abdominal pain can be a symptom of typhoid fever. In addition to abdominal pain, typhoid fever can also cause symptoms of long high fever (can be up to 2 weeks), nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, constipation, enlarged liver, muscle aches, skin rashes, slow heartbeat despite fever.

Apart from typhoid fever, abdominal pain around the navel can occur in the following disorders:

 Acute gastroenteritis Gastric ulcer Acute pancreatitis Intestinal obstruction Ischemic bowel Severe abdominal pain, continuous vomiting, no bowel movements at all, high fever, strained palpable stomach, bowel movements in blood, are symptoms that need to be watched out for. To determine the right treatment should be checked directly with a doctor, because there are so many disorders that can cause complaints of abdominal pain. It is impossible to determine the exact cause without a direct examination. The doctor also needs to ask about the history of complaints you feel now and what treatments you have done. In certain conditions additional tests are also needed such as blood laboratories, ultrasound examinations, X-ray abdomen, and so on.

At home, you can do the following to help reduce stomach pain:

 Eat smaller portions but can frequency more often. Chew food well to make it easier to digest by the intestine. Do not consume soft drinks or foods that can produce a lot of gas. Avoid lying down immediately after eating. Drinking warm ginger water or decoction of mint leaves. Bathing with warm water or compress the diseased part of the stomach with warm water That's my explanation, hopefully it's useful.

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