Causes Of Abnormalities In Newborns?

I want to ask you, my niece. Bru lhir kurg more 1 month please date 2 months 12 kmrin. I see some irregularities in the baby 1. Swollen eyes 2. Tongue often comes out 3. Stomach often bloated 4. Rarely cry. Is this an abnormality? Can I send the fto? . Thanks

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Abnormalities in newborns, generally caused by congenital abnormalities / congenital from the womb. Congenital abnormalities should be examined directly so that they can be evaluated and management plans carried out.
Related to your question, some newborns often have puffy eyes. This can be a normal condition. Some abnormalities in the eyes of a baby that should be watched out for if found:

The asymmetrical movement of the eyeball The eyes of the baby look cloudy and not clear in the pupils The appearance of white shadows when exposed to flashes of light when photographed Eyelids that can not be perfectly closed in one or both eyes Exit continuous fluid from the eyes Babies do not blink when given close stimulation

Regarding the tongue, it needs to be evaluated whether the tongue size is bigger than the normal size of the baby in general, thus causing the baby to remove the tongue frequently. If so, an enlarged tongue can be an indication of hormonal abnormalities, namely hypothyroidism / lack of thyroid hormone in the baby's body. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism include yellow skin / jaundice, constipation, swollen abdomen accompanied by protrusion of the navel (umbilical hernia), an awkward face shape unlike other normal babies, fatigue, slow reflexes, stunted growth, short stature, etc.

Keep in mind that a bulging abdomen in infants is normal. This does not mean the baby has bloating. Newborns only consume liquid food, namely breast milk so that when full by breast milk, the baby's stomach tends to expand. Bloating can also occur in babies. Air tends to easily enter the baby's digestive tract when the baby suckles, or cries. In addition it is not recommended to use baby octopus too tight, because the use of octopus will interfere with the baby's breathing and make the baby uncomfortable.
Babies have different characteristics. There are babies who cry very easily, others sleep more and cry occasionally if they feel hungry, thirsty, or when the body is uncomfortable. Crying is a form of baby communication with other people in the surrounding environment.

Direct evaluation is needed to determine whether there are abnormalities that occur in infants. The information you submit must be further explored so that the picture of the disorder can be known and a direct physical examination is needed. I suggest to do a consultation and examination to the pediatrician in infants so that the examination and evaluation can be done. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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