Causes Of An Enlarged Abdomen In Infants?

Good afternoon, sorry, my child, why is the stomach swollen, even though it was normal and healthy, but after 10 days, the stomach was swollen, when the pup was flowing, the gas was smooth, why was that?

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Hello Dheni, thank you for asking.

It should be noted first whether the stomach is enlarged because a lot of gas or fluid builds up in the abdominal cavity, or because your child is actually gaining weight. A sudden enlarged abdomen needs to be suspected of obstruction (blockage) in the intestine. Blockage may occur due to something, due to the folding of the intestine, or due to interference with the movement of the intestinal wall muscles. You should also look for an infection process in the digestive tract. Are other symptoms such as vomiting or fuss?

It's best if you bring the baby to the pediatrician, so that the doctor can do a direct examination. The doctor will look for an enlarged abdomen due to gas or fluid. In addition, if needed, the doctor will do a blood sample analysis or stool analysis to help with the diagnosis. Doctors can also do X-rays of the abdomen if there are suspected abnormalities.

While this is still giving milk or milk as desired by the baby. Do not give any food, because it can cause intestinal obstruction which is fatal. Note whether there are signs of dehydration, namely dry skin, sunken eyes, sunken fontanel, dry lips and mouth, and decreased amount of urine. If there are these signs, immediately take the baby to the hospital.

Thus my explanation, hopefully can help. Regards.

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