Causes Of Armpit Lumps Reappearing After Surgery?

Illustration of Causes Of Armpit Lumps Reappearing After Surgery?
Illustration: Causes Of Armpit Lumps Reappearing After Surgery?

2 years ago I did surgery for a benign tumor under the armpit, but now it grows again. Is that the cause because the food or the roots is not removed? R nAnd now I often feel pain in the next arm

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Hi Elyuniz,

Thank you for asking

There are many types of benign tumors that can appear in the armpit. Each can have a different potential for recurrence. It is necessary to clarify first what benign tumor you really mean?

Tumor can be defined as a lump on the skin. Benign tumors in the armpit area may be caused by:

Lumps that come from the skin, for example due to infections or tumors, such as warts (HPV virus infection), folliculitis (hair root infection), abscesses (fluid-filled sacs inside the skin), lipomas (benign fat cell tumors), dermoid cysts, sebaceous cysts , epidermoid cysts Lumps originating from the lymph nodes, for example due to tuberculosis infection, cat scratch marks, lymphoma (lymph node tumor) Lumps due to other causes, for example skin tags (excessive skin growth due to repeated friction), keloids ( excessive scar tissue growth after injury or inflammation), etc. Most benign tumors can come back even after surgery. The recurrence is not always meaningful because the roots are not removed during surgery, but more often it is due to the trigger factors that are not detected and are not handled properly. If the tumor occurs due to infection, poor personal hygiene and weak immune system can also be one of the triggers for recurrence. However, due to the limited information you provide regarding the malignant tumor in question, it is difficult for us to explain what other possibilities could cause the tumor to recur.

Your arm aches may indicate that the tumor you have is deep enough to interfere with the function of muscles and nerves when moving. However, this condition does not specifically refer to a specific disease. Therefore, we still recommend that you check your complaint directly to a doctor so that it can be handled quickly and precisely. If necessary, you may be referred to a skin specialist or a surgeon.

In the meantime, avoid pressing or giving any treatment carelessly on the tumor that appears. Always keep yourself clean, including by showering with antiseptic soap, using anti-perspirant that does not contain alcohol and other irritating substances, and always wearing clean clothes. In order to relieve soreness, you can compress your armpits with warm water or take paracetamol.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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