Causes Of Back Pain After Falling Out Of A Window?

Illustration of Causes Of Back Pain After Falling Out Of A Window?
Illustration: Causes Of Back Pain After Falling Out Of A Window?

good afternoon I want to ask why yes I like back pain accompanied by shortness of breath at first I fell from the window when pulling the curtain then hit the end of the table and hit the edge of the bed, then when I saw that there was a bruise, it hurt when I held it and it hurt, however I thought it was normal and then the next day I did my routine tomorrow morning, namely badminton when playing badminton my whole body felt aches and pains and I continued to massage because when I played badminton I fell and sprained but after being massaged instead of healing instead it added severe. until I had to wear a hand hanger, a week I used my hands it felt good then I took it off but after I took off the hanger suddenly I saw my spine (my right shoulder is a lumpy bone, swollen, and it hurts when I move it. bags, carrying heavy loads, and lifting heavy weights) and not only my hands are swollen but my fingers and right palm s I was also swollen even to the feet but only the right side. Then I felt my back, shoulders, right leg like pain, tingling, and numbness. Even some of my right limbs felt slow movement, and also my tongue was a little stiff and numbness but only the right one. I’ve been to a doctor but it doesn’t heal. I’ve been like this for almost 2 months. But I haven’t been to a specialist because I’m confused about what specialist should I go to ?? then my teacher said that it was nerve pinched because her child has experienced the same thing like me and when my teacher saw my swollen bones and pulled my back she said I had a pinched nerve is that right ??? then what should I do, Doctor …… thank you

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Hi Haura,

Thank you for asking

Depending on the mechanism and severity of the injury due to falls and sprains that you experienced before, the condition can indeed trigger pain and various sensation and motor disorders in the body, especially those experiencing collisions. The mechanism of this condition can vary, including one due to a pinched nerve.

Around the straight arrangement of the human vertebrae are very many nerve fibers that are important for regulating sensory and motor functions in the body, from head to toe. If an injury occurs that causes excess strain, fracture, dislocation, or fracture of the spinal disc, this nerve can become pinched. This pinched nerve in the spine can cause symptoms that vary depending on which segment of the nerve fibers is affected. Usually, if the complaints that arise are mainly centered in the areas of the hands, back, shoulders, feet, to the tongue, then the problem is the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar segment nerve fibers. These complaints can appear in the form of sensory dysfunction (i.e. pain, tingling, numbness, numbness) or motor (i.e. difficulty in movement, weakness, weakness). Determining this needs to be done with a thorough neurological examination by a doctor.

Not only due to injury during a fall or sprain, spinal cord clamping can also be triggered by improper sequencing, osteoporosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, degenerative diseases, infections or tumors pressing on the spine.

In addition to the pinched nerve, you may also experience a variety of complaints that you experience due to other trigger factors, not always related to a history of injury, for example due to dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), neurotropic vitamin or mineral deficiency, multiple sclerosis, viral or bacterial infection, neuropathy peripheral, somatoform disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, and so on.

We recommend that you have your complaint checked directly with a doctor or neurologist so that the best treatment can be given. Usually, a thorough examination, including X-rays, CT scans, electromyography, MRI, laboratory tests, and so on will also be recommended by the doctor so that the originator of your complaint can be detected properly and given the correct treatment as well.

As an initial treatment, here are the steps you can take:

Take paracetamol medicine first so that the aches in the body are reduced Do not massage areas of the body that are sore or impacted. Compress also areas of the body that are tingling and painful with a warm compress. Limit excessive activities first. Get plenty of rest. Eat and drink with discipline Increase consumption of rich foods B vitamins, especially B1, B6, and B12 Stay away from alcohol and drugs.

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