Causes Of Back Pain In Heart Sufferers?

Illustration of Causes Of Back Pain In Heart Sufferers?
Illustration: Causes Of Back Pain In Heart Sufferers?

, my father has installed a 2015 heart catheter, now often complains of back pain spreading to the arm, has been checked by EKG and cardiac markers, the results are good … sometimes it is difficult to sleep and right or left turn during sleep, what is it because of what?

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Pain in the back that spreads to the arm does sometimes indicate a disturbance in the heart, but it should not be ignored that the pain can arise due to interference with the muscles, bones or ligaments that are located according to the appearance of the pain. Pain, aches and cramps in the back that extend to the arms can be caused by conditions such as:

Frozen shoulder
Cervical spondylosis
Spinal arrangement that has the potential to cause HNP / Hernia Nucleus Pulposus

Muscle spasm that causes irritation of the nerves that are compressed muscles
Tendinitis / inflammation of the tendons

Because the causes are so diverse, so to be sure we recommend that you consult a neurologist. In addition to conducting clinical interviews, and physical examinations, it is likely that doctors will also conduct additional examinations such as CT Scan, or MRI that will give more accurate results. Because your father is a patient with a history of heart, the initial treatment medicines need to be careful when using them. It would be better if the initial handling of simple things like:

reduce physical activity that can worsen back pain
try to always sit in the right condition / not bent
in the use of pillows during sleep must be considered, at least the pillow should support the head to the shoulders.
not too often staring at gadgets or reading newspapers for too long
avoid sudden movements of the hands and shoulders
do light exercise in the morning and accompanied by proper heating and cooling

Thus we can convey, hopefully the information we convey can be useful for your father. thanks.

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