Causes Of Bleeding In Children During Sleep?

Illustration of Causes Of Bleeding In Children During Sleep?
Illustration: Causes Of Bleeding In Children During Sleep? Bing

I take my son who is 6 years old when he sleeps suddenly not a lot of blood comes out, just a little, it’s dangerous isn’t it

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Hello, good evening Mrs. Santi.

Where do you mean bleeding from? Is it from the nostrils or elsewhere?

If blood comes out of the nose, or is known as a nosebleed, and the amount is small, then you don't need to worry too much. Nosebleeds can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

exposed to cold and dry air (less humid) so that the inner lining of the nose (mucosa) is irritated and injures the blood vessels in the nose
picking the nose too hard to injure the inner nostril wall
the process of blowing your nose or sneezing too loud
high fever
Injury to the nose, such as a bump

However, if nosebleeds occur repeatedly, especially with a higher amount of bleeding, then you need to have your child checked by an ENT doctor or pediatrician. Possible causes of repeated nosebleeds or with heavy bleeding include: infection of the respiratory cavities in the face (sinusitis), tumors of the nasal cavity, deformity of the nose, or blood clotting disorders (eg hemophilia).

Handling that you can do at home when your child has a nosebleed, including:

sit up straight and do not lie down (if it happens while the child is sleeping, then wake the child and place your child in a sitting position). With a sitting position, the pressure of the nasal blood vessels will be reduced so that it helps relieve bleeding
lean forward and bend down so that the blood does not enter the throat
Press the nose with the index finger and thumb for 10 minutes, guide the child to breathe through the mouth
if there is blood flowing down the throat, remove it through the mouth. This is to prevent vomiting due to swallowing blood
if the nosebleed does not stop after 20 minutes, then immediately take the child to the nearest emergency unit.

If you mean bleeding from another place, please make a new question, ma'am. It is hoped that the next question will be clearer (where the bleeding comes from).

That's all, hope it helps.

Regards, dr. Denisa

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