Causes Of Blood Clots After Childbirth?

Illustration of Causes Of Blood Clots After Childbirth?
Illustration: Causes Of Blood Clots After Childbirth?

ass, I just gave birth … but the big dirty blood like meat hasn’t come out … that’s why huh …

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Hello sister Kireii,

Sisters are expected not to worry because dirty blood like lumps of flesh is not the main rule. After giving birth, a woman will enter the puerperium, which is removing blood from the uterus to renew the uterine wall, uterine blood vessels, and removing excess blood volume during pregnancy, the color is bright red to brownish, initially it will be wasted a lot and if it is not absorbed by the bandage, the blood will clot forming a clot in the vagina like so that (maybe this is what you mean the clot of meat) then the amount of blood that comes out will be less and less brown until finally getting less, about 40 days long.

In addition to puerperal bleeding, if the bleeding comes out a lot to replace more than 4 adult dressings a day, further examinations are needed such as weak uterine contractions or the presence of a residual placenta in the cervix or torn wounds in the uterus, this will make bleeding a lot and endanger the life of the mother. , the blood that comes out flows profusely and even clots when there is too much.

Do a consultation with the nearest obstetrician, the doctor will need data on the date of delivery, birth attendants, delivery methods to blood hematology examinations to ultrasound if needed. Treatment will be given according to the disorders found, such as hormones that stimulate uterine contractions, drugs to stimulate uterine contractions to treatment of shock to blood transfusions if heavy bleeding is found, as well as removal of the remaining placenta and surgery if needed. However, if the postpartum period is found in good condition, the sister will only be given supplements and offers contraceptive measures.

Maintain vaginal cleanliness, change sanitary napkins when they are moist, eat nutritious food and drink enough, rest together when your baby sleeps so as not to lack sleep. Eat food that is kept clean. hopefully useful

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