Causes Of Body Aches And Headaches?

Illustration of Causes Of Body Aches And Headaches?
Illustration: Causes Of Body Aches And Headaches?

Hello, I have been feeling achy for 4 days, at the joints that are the most sore and weak. Dizziness sometimes appears sometimes appears. Indeed, these past few weeks I have stayed up all night because I am still doing my final assignment. I also have heartburn. Does it have something to do with it? But the first 2 days of aches and weakness there was no stomach ulcer I think. My stomach has just recurred for 2 days only, every meal will come out again (vomiting). I wonder how? Thank you

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Hi Rike,

Thank you for asking

The condition of the body that is lacking rest and stress due to staying up late while doing many tasks can obviously make your endurance decrease and you can get sick more easily. This condition is likely to trigger the emergence of various complaints as you experience today. Not only lack of rest and stress, when burdened with many tasks, often times the meal becomes often missed, so that heartburn (dyspepsia) often recur.

The aches, fatigue, and vomiting that you experience can also occur due to hormonal fluctuations (for example before menstruation or early pregnancy), viral or bacterial infections, malnutrition, neurological disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and so on. A thorough examination is needed to distinguish the various possible causes above. Not only physical examination, not infrequently, other supporting tests are also needed, such as laboratories, ultrasound, and so on as the basis for proper management. Therefore, do not delay, check yourself directly to the nearest doctor or specialist in internal medicine, right?

To help alleviate your complaint, here are our initial suggestions:

If it's not urgent, avoid staying up late
Better, install your work little by little, not stacked so you have to do all night
Even if you have too many tasks to complete, it's better, you go to sleep early, then wake up earlier, rather than not sleeping at all
In your free time, replace your lack of rest
Balance your activities are also dense with exercise and regular eating
Don't make it a habit of procrastinating, eat a little but often
When you still feel nauseous, reduce foods that are spicy, sour, and contain a lot of gas
Don't over consume caffeine
Stay away from stress
Do not carelessly take medication without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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