Causes Of Breast Enlargement In Infants Aged 11 Months?

. Infants have aged 11 months. Note that the breasts may be enlarged and there are glands while the age is still below 1 year. why is the danger n can be normal for a child

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Need to be clarified, what kind of gland do you mean? Does it look like a lump? Does the gland secrete fluid?

Enlargement of the baby's breast accompanied by a lump can be a reasonable condition, for example due to skin tags, variations in breast skin from birth, or also due to the hormonal influence of the mother when the baby is still in the womb. This condition is usually experienced by babies of female sex. Not infrequently even, if the breasts are squeezed, liquid milk will come out in it. If your baby has a fat body, some fat can also be deposited around the chest and breasts, causing the baby's breasts to look bigger.

However, in some conditions, a baby's breasts that may appear enlarged and have lumps indicate an illness, for example:

Infection, such as warts, folliculitis, acne Benign tumors, such as lipomas, cysts, fibromas Malignant tumors, such as melanoma, sarcoma, etc. Whether this condition can heal by itself or not, the answer would depend on the cause of enlargement and lumps in her breasts. If the cause is a reasonable condition, for example due to the hormonal influence of the mother, of course this condition can improve itself as the baby gets older. However, if other causes, of course the cure can be different.

Our advice, first check your baby to the doctor or pediatrician to identify the cause of the complaint. If necessary, several examinations, such as breast ultrasound or biopsy will be recommended by the doctor so that the handling needs to be clear. If judged not dangerous, often there is no special treatment that needs to be done other than observation.

You can do the following steps first:

Always take care of your baby's body, especially the area around the breast, to keep it clean. Don't suppress excessive enlarged breasts. Do not carelessly give care to baby's breasts without doctor's advice.

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