Causes Of Breast Pain In The Left To The Left Hand?

Illustration of Causes Of Breast Pain In The Left To The Left Hand?
Illustration: Causes Of Breast Pain In The Left To The Left Hand?

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Breast pain is a condition in which the breast area and surrounding constituent tissues experience inflammation or dysfunction, both inflammation of the skin area, breast tissue itself, chest muscles, nerves or bones below.
Some of the conditions below can cause complaints of breast pain that may spread around, such as:
1. breast skin infection
2. breast / glandular tissue infection
3. abscess or pus in the breast
4. trauma to the breast tissue
5. breast accessory or breast tissue that grows outside the breast, like growing around the armpits
To find out the cause of breast pain, it is advisable to do a consultation and direct examination with an obstetrician or surgeon. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations, and supporting examinations if necessary to ascertain the cause and plan appropriate treatment.
Regarding your question:
1. because your hands are holding your partner's hand, then the pain in your left arm may be due to the tension in the muscles of your left arm that is trying to hold your partner's hand.
2. Under reasonable conditions, the size of the left and right breast may be different, and this time you only realize it. If the left breast enlarges without any signs of inflammation and no lumps are found, then this condition is likely a natural thing.
3. in this case, the problem may not be on you, the problem is likely indeed from your partner who may have high sexual desire, either because of sexual imagination, habits related to erotic things, or because of the human condition to see his partner. However, however, I suggest approaching sexual activity outside of marriage and avoiding sexual activity outside of marriage to prevent risks that are not expected
4. if this has affected you and has made you anxious, then you should begin to control and avoid it, both masturbation, petting, or sexual activity outside of marriage, this is to prevent the negative influence of erotic things or those related to sexual activity on the condition your psychological

Therefore, if all of this is still bothering you, then you should consult a surgeon for evaluation of complaints of breast and arm pain; and consult with a sexologist to help control risky sexual activity.
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